We like big ideas. We like them so much that we built a company which focuses on managing and encouraging them with meaningful impact.

We look for the best creative genius to call our clients and partners. We believe this genius is what connects and builds passionate marketplaces.

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Treeline Agency

Producing & Developing projects that make a difference

We come alongside every individual and company we serve, partnering with them to dream, achieve, manage and execute their desired goal. We are producers, project managers, finance managers and budget planners. Supervising projects not to just make them work, but for them to work like a well-oiled and perfected machine.

Agency Services

At our core, we are focused on digital production management.  We strive to remove complexity.  Help our clients archive their goals for growth a reality. We develop ideas that are large in scope and massive in impact.

Team Management

We believe the right team is what accomplishes great things. Competence, integrity and humbleness makes for meaningful work. We treat others like we want to be treated. We work with speed and care with diligence to prosper our clients and give them every opportunity to exceed at their fullest potential.

Development & Ideas

Our goal in all development is to pair the right resources and people so that ideas may grow and gain attention in their marketplace.  The right resources equals greater visibility and bigger impact.

Empowering the Creative Process

Helping start and manage creative ideas is one one of our best assets. We are driven by where can we start and how far can we take the idea.

Production Management

We are a team of skilled project managers and experts in cost management, bringing in projects as planned, budgeted and measurable.


We engage producers, photographers, directors and visual effects artists to fulfill the ongoing needs of the projects we develop.


We provide process management for a variety that empower great ideas with the right strategic partnerships with capabilities such as intuitive web interfaces, digital publishing, streaming broadcast distribution and digital asset management. Bringing the right processes together to get things done fast.


Teams thrive when given the opportunity. We provide a comfortable environment where opinions matter and thinking is challenged to come up with the best long term strategy.

Bamboo Media FX

Specialty digital creative resources for production and post

Motion Visual

Visual effects have multiple paths and options. We take pride in listening, planning and creating effects that match the needs of the project and come in on time and in budget.

Specialty Effects Studios and Post Production

We provide several production environments. Our studios are set with lighting, green screen, cyc wall and hi-speed hi-resolution camera resources.


We take pride in our custom built bamboo grip vehicles that are setup for custom photography and field acquisition. Fully integrated DIT systems and camera support equipment help to make our remote packages more affordable than traditional a la carte production.


We can produce any event at any scale, providing video production for live streaming with specialized knowledge and capabilities. Our team has extensive experience in online live video production and streaming in the most demanding environments.


We believe that core values should stimulate and guide every decision we make as a company. In return, they help to free our decision-making and help to guide our management, consulting, and creative services to better perform for our staff and clients.


We will work to understand general business trends and our clients' business as a whole in order to provide an accountable and measurable creative strategy.

We will work to keep all management and development strategy and designs confidential among our management teams and accountable to each individual client.


Our focus will be the integrity of relationships with our people first.

We will work to encourage each other with new ideas that encourage creativity as a team of people, individually, and for our clients' needs.

We will work to plan and develop our people talents and potential as an organization with integrity.

Collaboration &

We will work to develop strategic relationships that encourage creative potential.

We will work to provide talent to clients in a well-managed and orderly fashion.

Efficiency &
Our Teams

All ideas and projects will be managed in an effort to quickly encourage collaboration from team members and clients.

We work together as team members to find better ways to automate process accountability.

We will work as a team to plan steps and costs that all contribute to the goals of each project. In short: more creative, faster and cheaper, with less stress.


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